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I am very happy to recommend Tracy. I have worked with Tracy for the last 18 months and have found her service invaluable. Tracy has helped me to keep two key projects under control and has organised and formatted my files so I can have easy access whenever I need it. Also Tracy is currently developing our Conefrey’s Pharmacy facebook page and is in charge of all our facebook marketing which is delivering dividend for us. I feel Tracy is a major asset to whoever she works with as all her work is of the highest quality

Tomas Connefrey Tomas Connefrey
Connefrey's Pharmacy

My VA Cloud and Tracy Kelly (who I refer to as Mrs. Myvacloud) have been a Godsend. Before I employed the services of a virtual assistant I had a vague idea that they could help me do some things I needed done.
I thought that, by adding another person, I could double my productivity. However, I was incorrect. I would say that by adding the services of My VA Cloud I have effectively increased my productivity by about 10 times.
This is because Tracy brings skill sets to the table that I would otherwise have had to learn. Because she has a knowledge base that I don’t she can also suggest courses of action that I would never have known about or benefited from.
I use Tracy’s services almost constantly and have gained more ground in the past year than I would have in a few years had I done it all myself. There is just not enough time in your life for you to not hire a VA.
So, would I recommend the services of My VA Cloud. Yes. A thousand times yes. Before Tracy started helping me with my various projects I was stuck in a swamp of drudge work with no foreseeable way out.
Now, I know what I’m doing and I know where I’m going and a large part of this is due to the fact Tracy knows what she’s doing and also knows what needs to be done next so I don’t have to think about it.

Jim Conway Jim Conway
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