Effective Digital Marketing for Pharmacies

Over the last couple of year’s digital marketing for Pharmacies has increased rapidly, online marketing is important for Pharmacists to embrace but to do it properly.

Having an online presence is essential for a growing business and providing your customers with engaging content and services that can be purchased or booked online is now expected by consumers.  The first step is to plan your content strategy and implement your plan to reach and engage with customers online, you can then listen to their issues and join into conversations while providing valuable information. Whether your customers are millenniums or seniors having an online presence today is expected by tech savvy consumers, making meaningful connections on social media can no longer be ignored.

Creating unique stories around your products and services is a requirement for many of today’s business owners. Traditional marketing should not be the only investment you make to move your business forward as you can’t depend on in store posters or brochures when the majority of customers are looking at their smartphones. Their attention is now directed elsewhere with the option to download the information they need or browse the internet for answers, this is your chance to be there to listen and respond to their concerns. Focusing on a strong evolving online marketing strategy is essential for your bottom line.

Personal branding is important and connecting with customers using a blogging platform is an excellent way to build trust and position yourself as an expert in your profession. Having an interactive website, engaging content, video marketing and creative visuals will help to get your unique story across to your target audience.  Knowing your demographic and what platforms they are using will help you to understand their issues and to implement a successful marketing plan across your chosen social media platforms for better results.

Email marketing is still a very effective way to reach customers, sending out a weekly or monthly newsletter is important. Focusing on sales using an online marketing strategy will only work if you do all of these elements together. Sending text messages is also a very effective way to inform your customers of new services and promotions in store. The use of SMS works well for all customers and if you have an app especially designed for your patients then you can add links and updates if they don’t use Social Media.

Databases are invaluable and a critical element of your marketing plan, grow your list and own your database by contacting consumers directly.  Start to grow your list by providing Online Reports, Quizzes, Polls,Competitions and Coupons in exchange for their email address.  The majority of consumers are using smartphones to engage with brands on social media, read blogs and to check out product reviews before they decide to make a purchase. They are looking for social proof and you need to show them how they can benefit from being a loyal customer.

Digital Marketing is a vital part of your business, you can waste time doing it yourself or you can outsource to skilled digital marketing professionals and get back to what you do best. Reaching out with your unique message and expertise can be done using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest and having your own team of skilled professionals such as Social Media, Graphic Design, Video Marketing, Website Design/Mgmt and PA/Admin support is now within your reach.

Do you think it’s time for you to outsource these essential online marketing tasks? Learn how you can tell your unique story and contact us today for a Free 30 minute consultation.



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