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Are you looking to reduce time spent on essential daily business tasks to gain more time to help your patients and grow your business? Now you can outsource projects to skilled business managers who understand your business and have a passion for providing excellent client support.  When you decide to partner with a Virtual Assistant the average cost is only €13,764 annually based on our 72hr package €1,147 p/m package (€15.93 per hour) This works out at 9 business days each month, you choose when you require assistance and you are not paying for idle time. The more hours purchased the cheaper the hourly rate, for example our 48 hour package is €917 annually €11,004 (€19.10 per hour) a discount is given for large projects and retainer packages, please view our list of packages here.

This allows entrepreneurs to gain access to professional partners, having worked at senior level in corporate business we can add value and save revenue. The level of success we can achieve may depend on how flexible we are with technology in today’s business world. Most entrepreneurs started up their business because of a passion, a need to do what they love, but somewhere down the road they forget why they started at all.

There are many companies today using Virtual Assistants for their office support and are now having the freedom to grow their business. To grow you have to let go, you can gain trust in professional VA’s and increase your time to generate new business. When systems and the right support are in place this allows you more freedom to take your company to the next level. It is estimated that the true cost of hiring an employee is at least two or three times their annual salary, when taking recruiting, training and expensive packages into account.

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Trying to complete all the business tasks yourself is not very productive in the long term, Virtual Assistant Services are an excellent solution. Virtual Assistants pay their own taxes and provide their own equipment, they are trained office professionals and have an excellent work ethic. They work remotely offering their office skills, knowledge and training online, they are motivated and proactive business owners with a vested interest in your success.

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