Virtual Office Setup – My VA Cloud

virtual officeGetting started with your Virtual Office.

How business is conducted today has changed, we wanted more freedom in our lives and now with the latest technology today we can begin to set our own path.

We take you through the process of getting your business online, it’s exciting time to be in business, use the tools available to grow your business.

Step 1.  Call us now for a non-obligation consultation, you can also email us or submit a query via our contact form. If you prefer you can request a suitable time for your consultation via our on-line chat.

Step 2. If we both feel we are a good match we then follow up with our service agreement.  We can issue this is just a few minutes, we only require your signature at this stage to complete the full process in 5 minutes.

Step 3. You then have access to your virtual work-space, managed by your virtual assistant, this online project management software gives you full visibility of your current projects and timelines.

Client Area Information:

To share files we use Active Collab and dropbox, all projects are timed and tracked. The collaboration software we use to keep you up to date and give you peace of mind.

Like most online services we need to gain your trust, we can assure you that we work to the highest standards and ethics, protecting your data and deliver a confidential service. We will make working online with a VA second nature, we take you  through the process of creating that lifestyle you have always dreamed about.  You now have the chance to make it a reality by having access to business support normally out of reach to start-ups or small businesses.

When you first decide to work with a VA, your mindset has changed from only hiring in-house staff, we can assure you that we can not only deliver but exceed your high level expectations. We take you through the process of delegation, when you want to delegate ongoing tasks to your VA or project work, you may want to consider creating either a Video, Audio or  Manual. Once these have been created you don’t have to spend more time doing handovers, going forward you have a plan to delegate to your VA, giving you freedom to expand your company.

You may also find you need the kind of support from a VA who understands your business, to step in and handle your business while your away, with technology today creating such processes takes no time at all. We offer Business Sitter services for times when the other priorities in your life take over, it can’t be all work not even for the most driven start-ups, get that support you need and see the reward; get started.